At our May Teen Council meeting, as always, we ate pizza. Eight people were in attendance, not including myself and Nick, and our teen coordinator who led the meeting.

Summer Programs and Incentives – because we can only take from 10-12 people on the various trips we’ll embark on this summer–Paintball, Camping and Great Escape–we created a little incentive chart. We’ll track “acts of responsibility” around the Basement, because when it comes down to it, it’s a youth-led space. There are various other ways to earn points, but these points are what we’ll use to let people register to play Paintball in Colchester, go camping/boating in the Adirondacks and to go to the Great Escape. More to come about those trips.

Summer Kick-off Celebration – On Friday, June 17th we’ll have a Barbecue and party to celebrate the start of Summer! SKABE will be playing an outdoor concert  and if you’re interested in opening, please let us know! We’d love to have more music!

Video Game Design – We begin a six-week workshop in how to create your very own video game. You’ll learn about game design, try and test your own games and even get to do some technically-oriented sessions for UDK, Flash, and Unity respectively. Workshop sessions will be Tuesdays and Thursdays 4-6pm. No experience needed! Everyone welcome!

Documentary – We will be conducting a summer documentary-making workshop! It will take shape based on what participants want to create. If you’re interested in film-making in any format, come down to the Basement and talk to us! This project will be screened at the end of the Summer and we’re so excited to see what people create with this.

CSA – The Basement is getting a CSA share (Community Supported Agriculture). We’re really excited to have more fresh, prepared food for you! This summer there will be more than PB&J and cereal at the Teen Center–but we’ll still keep those classics stocked.

Name one thing/activity you want at the Basement that isn’t here: bike pump, new soccer ball, mini soccer goal, four-square ball, super smash mario brother’s brawl, new Xbox controllers, new games, drums, hammock, let’s paint the walls, let’s rearrange the space, teen-led bike rental business, basement teen center t-shirts. Expect to see a few of these additions in the following weeks.

Check out our calendar (under programs) for specific dates of upcoming activities!

A great teen council meeting, as always.

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